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Boulder Brighton 5 Comp Day

Warm ups, Thai yoga massage tasters and partner yoga session I will be on hand during the Boulder Brighton FIVE event, an exciting day of competitions, to help with warm-ups, thai yoga massage tasters and a partner yoga session before … Continue reading

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A female space

Throughout time, women have come together, from prehistoric times around the fire to raising consciousness in the 1960s, or in online groups on the internet… the congregation of women sharing, healing, caring, grieving, connecting in community has always been powerful. … Continue reading

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Compassion and lasagne

Today I made a veggie lasagne. This is both unremarkable and totally remarkable. I came into the house earlier, with 20 minutes ‘between things’ and a quiche set out to make… ingredients ready… pastry out of date and mouldy beyond … Continue reading

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Don’t miss now missing your ‘self’

Reading this article this morning (Dear Motherhood, I miss me), it strikes me how painful this idea is, of ourselves, the ‘me’ being a person that was in the past, ‘before motherhood’ or the feeling that we will ‘get back … Continue reading

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Number Four

Meditation on impermanence as my last ‘Baby’ starts school! Number Four You were my last, the accumulation of a body stretched and practised enough for ease, for romance, for oxytocin, for peace in the living room… Instantly absorbed into the … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, RAIN

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Leonie as a teacher

‘As a teacher Leonie expresses one of her defining personality traits, that of generosity. It seems to be a natural instinct for her to support. She does not only in the way she teaches yoga but in the kind of … Continue reading

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Connecting with your partner after birth.

It often arises for women that their relationship with their partner faces challenges after birth. For some time afterwards, as Mama you are flooded with chemicals that ensure you nurture and prioritise your baby. Perhaps you aren’t sleeping, perhaps you … Continue reading

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The benefits of doing ‘nothing’

It’s really common that I hear from mums that ‘my baby gets so bored’. Baby’s and toddlers don’t get bored, mums do. Little ones are just happy with the simple stuff, they don’t have the same classificatin of ‘this is … Continue reading

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The myth of ‘me’ time

This summer, on holiday in Somerset we visited Glastonbury for a changing of the wheel ceremony. I found it fascinating watching the crowd while coralling my children (who were remarkably ‘well-behaved’), finding their spaces and quietly sitting with real interest … Continue reading

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