Sore shoulders? Text / computer neck? Tight hips and legs? Emotionally stretched?
I can’t fix your stressors but I can help ease body and mind into a more spacious place where perhaps you can get the perspective you need right now.
I have one appointment this Friday and taking bookings for Thai Massage or yoga 1-2-1s next week.
Also available are vouchers for Mother’s Day - the mother or mother-to-be in your life will feel properly appreciated 🧡🙏🏻 #brightonpregnancymassage #brightonpostnatalmassage #brightonmassage #massagebrightonandhove #massagebrighton #brightonwellbeing #pregnantinbrighton #thaimassage #mothersdaybrighton #mothersdayvouchers
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Care. There is plenty of attention around self care - which of course is vital.
But what about care in our society? We are increasingly being reminded to care for the planet. Care for our children. Care for those who have less than we do.

But care for pregnant women and new mothers is, as so many things, often neglected, often dependent on means and geography. I’ve just finished reading Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey through the Science of Pregnancy and Birth by @angelagarbes. So much of it resonated with my own experience and that of the mothers to be and mothers I’ve met over 13 years of teaching pregnancy and post-natal yoga. When my fourth child (now 6) was six weeks old I started a mums’ support group with the aim that it would be accessible, both demographically and financially, to support women emotionally and physically.

After our 4-6 week post-partum check - a brief and often cursory GP appointment - we are very much alone as women. Many with leaking pelvic floors, prolapses, long-lasting aches and pains from the bodily distortion of pregnancy and birth... not to mention the ongoing emotional load primarily held by women in most families.

Many years on, the group is now UMEmamas, part of UMEUS, which also offers fair rate counselling, yoga, nutrition and groups for new mums, single parents and parents of teenagers. See

And if you’re pregnant or post-natal I offer weekly classes which are much more than the physical practise of yoga, holding space for us to welcome and acknowledge our wholeness, including the physical and emotional mess as much as the more often pictured joys of motherhood. DM for details or see link in bio.

Community care is vital for all humans, but pregnancy and motherhood is where we all begin, so supporting women at this time is fundamental to the health of society as it evolves.

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Microchimerism is an emerging scientific field: it is the body’s holding of cells or DNA that are genetically distinct from its own. During pregnancy our cells commingle with our mothers; our babies with ours through the placenta. In a 1996 study in Boston, male DNA was discovered in women decades after they had birthed their children. Michrochimeric cells are stem-related so they can divide indefinitely, developing into anything from heart muscle to brain cells.

In yogic terms, this challenges the idea of a defined ‘self’. The idea that we are separate or alone.

We are all connected through time on a cellular level.

When we practise on the mat we might remember this and the suffering that we bring to ourselves and others by trying to stay separate dissolves.

#weareonelove #allconnected #beyondasana #universalconnection #michrochimera #collectiveconsciousness
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New tests have scientifically concluded that the brain processes information differently on the inhale to the exhale.
Noam Sobel led a Israeli team of scientists tracking participants’ nasal breathing as they responded to set cognitive tasks. People scored on an average 5 percent higher if the task started on an inhale.
Measurements of electrical brain activity also revealed shifts in focussed attention on the inhale but not on the exhale.
This is of course so relevant on the mat too, as we can tune in to the connection to our breath; the focus and attention, sometimes movement that is directed with the inhale and the softening and expansion, release that follows with the exhale.
And then we play with this attention in different ways, in different pranayama, drawing attention to prana and apana (the inwards and outwards flow of energy through the body), the directional forces at work into and against gravity.
As science develops it is fantastic to bring pragmatism to the esoteric, balancing left and right brain thinking. And perhaps further validating for those who may be sceptical of ancient practises such as yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, Thai massage, etc, all of which connect to this movement of energy and use of it prior to scientific ‘proof’. And reminding us that direct felt experience is real and valuable without any test results 🧡🙏🏻

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Thai massage is like a physical yoga nidra, in which we bring attention to every part of the body and the connections between. Applied pressure with palms, thumbs, elbows, knees... combined with stretching and meditative focus on the breath makes this a deeply restorative experience.

I have a couple of appointments left for next week, DM to reserve your spot.

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