28 April, Brighton Natural Health Centre

In these gentle, fluid and exploratory workshops we will use props, some gentle partner work and Thai yoga massage techniques to release and move deeper into, through and around postures, familiar and unfamiliar. Meditatively exploring through the breath and creative and responsive asana towards greater fluidity and connection through the whole body. There will be some partner work, so you are equally welcome to come as you are or with a partner or friend you would like to work with.

Curiosity, playfulness and ‘beginner’s mind’ are vital, whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi or yogini. We will be looking not to get further but to be more present, more open and more able to listen meditatively to what is, moment to moment – there are no goal posts, just an invitation to self enquiry.

Price: £28 | Accessible to all bodies, all levels of experience.