Mothers’ Day

Beyond the saccharine of the marketing. A day to celebrate humanity. Because, whatever our stories (and I’m guessing most of you, like me, have some complicated issues going back through time surrounding motherhood, as well as perhaps your own hang ups about your own status of motherhood) it’s a universal. We all came from a womb, a mother, who evolved from a mother, from a mother, and so on, back through time. At this point in time, we will only evolve forwards through time through mothers.
Regardless of the stories. The behaviours. The doubts. The ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of mothering styles, choices, means, techniques.
So yes, mothers should be celebrated, in all their diversity. Explicitly this includes mothers of children not alive, trans mothers, non-binary mothers who have not birthed their children, mothers of all colours, sizes, physical and mental states, single mothers, surrogate mothers, adoptive mothers, mothers who have birthed in all ways, mothers who have fed their babies, carried their babies, raised their babies in all possible ways. Mothers who have not raised their babies. Childless mothers who bring their love and nurture into the world in ways beyond birth. Mothers who have been victims of their own traumas, who have and who have not worked through this in their own lifetimes. All mothers.
Because without all mothers, none of us would be here.
Celebrate the incredible miracle of motherhood that is creation.
Free of the individual stories, the universality of motherhood.

Find a space to sit and connect with your breath. Visualise behind you your ancestral mothers, going back to the beginning of humanity. Regardless of any stories you know (you might notice in your tissues or the patterning of your breath, the reactivity to these stories, notice them arise and allow them to pass. Notice too and judgement, positive or negative, that arises and allow this too to drop away; Know rather that each of these women was a vital conduit of the universal energy, the life that brought you to this moment).

You might visualise any descendants you have sitting in front of you in the same way, again free from the stories or judgements based on behaviour, known or projected, free from desire or fear.

Feel the connection, like light or colour, pulsing back and forwards through time, connecting you.

Expand this outwards to everyone you know, each connected back and forwards through time to ancestors and descendents.

The same for every sentient being.

All connected.

Like an endless tunnel of light, interwoven webs of connectivity, every being like a star in and endless constellation of life.
Just as every cell in every being is connected in an ever-shifting patterning of form, the group field of energy expanding in all directions, infinitely. From, to and beyond Mother Earth.

Know that all your personal stories, thoughts, feelings and emotions, however consuming they may feel: ‘Am I a good enough mother?’, ‘I am…’, ‘my mother is/was…’, are not a definition of truth, rather a brief snapshot in an infinite sea of passing experiences.

So reacting to is a distraction. Rather listen, observe and allow to pass. Responsiveness arises when we allow in this way. Expansive as the time you may take for yourself today to simply be. Mother. Mothered. Part of a unifying whole, drawing on the energy of this wholeness and therefore not alone in your experience right now, whatever it is.

Wherever you are on your mothering journey, we see each other. We feel each other. Every single one of us connected with love ?