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Compassion and lasagne

Today I made a veggie lasagne. This is both unremarkable and totally remarkable. I came into the house earlier, with 20 minutes ‘between things’ and a quiche set out to make… ingredients ready… pastry out of date and mouldy beyond … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, RAIN

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Connecting with your partner after birth.

It often arises for women that their relationship with their partner faces challenges after birth. For some time afterwards, as Mama you are flooded with chemicals that ensure you nurture and prioritise your baby. Perhaps you aren’t sleeping, perhaps you … Continue reading

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Yogic parenting

Becoming a new parent can be a like a lucky dip of mixed emotions and experiences. You made it through labour and now you’re doing a good impression of a dairy cow, taking odd breaks to juggle nappies-ful of curry … Continue reading

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