“Women meeting in circles with a spiritual centre are in a sacred space, are practicing and developing compassion when they listen, and are deepening themselves. The more circles there are, the easier others can form. At the same time, each circle adds to collective human consciousness.”
Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Antidote

UMEmamas Monday morning session, new time of 9.30-11am at Phoenix Community Centre, Phoenix Place, Brighton BN2 9ND (opposite St Peter’s Church/The Level, easy access from North Laines or by bus)

UMEmamas is part of UMEUS Foundation. Find out more about our unique offering of Yoga, Mindfulness and Counselling for parents.

UMEmamas is a unique parenting group based on the principles of yoga and mindfulness. We offer a nurturing, safe space, promoting peer-to-peer support in an inclusive, non-judgmental and open way, empowering us all to trust our intuition as mamas.

The group starts with a grounding meditation, an appropriate yoga or mindfulness practice. Everyone then has the opportunity to share their experience, to be listened to by the group, and to receive others’ experiential advice if they wish. Those preferring to just listen are welcome to.

Mamas are welcome with or without their children but should be aware if bringing older children that the content of the group is by nature very open and honest.

£5/£4 universal credit, under 16.

The group is run by: me (Leonie Taylor). I have four children and I am passionate about promoting the tools of yoga (such as mindfulness, connection, awareness, compassion, to name a couple) to support mamas. I have been teaching ante and post-natal yoga as well as general yoga classes for the last decade and have been facilitating this group since 2012.

Please do like the Centred Space Facebook page as well as the UMEmamas online forums for yogic parenting support and discussion.
UMEmamas pregnancy
UMEmamas for mamas of babies and toddlers
UMEmamas juniors for mamas of primary school aged children
UMEmamas teens for mamas or pre-teens and teens

4 Replies to “UMEmamas”

  1. Hi Leonie

    I would like to come along to the group on Monday mornings, is it okay to bring my little one Harry who is 8 weeks old in a buggy is there space for this?

    Also is it on bank holiday monday or will it resume after this?



  2. Hi! Do we have to book your Monday mum and baby circle group yoga? I’m craving this. So glad I stumbled accross it! I think you may be Jackie Coulson friend. And also my sister in law Ana Jungen!
    Looking forward to these classes!
    Amy x

  3. Hi Amy, thanks for getting in touch – please do come along any Monday you would like to, it’s a wonderful women’s circle with babies (although any mamas of any aged children also welcomed). 10-11.30 every Monday upstairs at The Phoenix – look forward to meeting you <3 x

  4. Hi Emma,
    Yes you and Harry are most welcome to drop in. There is buggy parking space downstairs in the centre. Mamas with babies and toddlers tend to bring their little ones, those with older kids come without.
    Look forward to meeting you both,
    Leonie <3

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