Jim Tarran, Founder Vajrasati Yoga
‘As a teacher Leonie expresses one of her defining personality traits, that of generosity. It seems to be a natural instinct for her to support. She does not only in the way she teaches yoga but in the kind of classes she sets up… Read more…

Pregnancy yoga
‘Thanks so much for all your help the yoga really helped the early contractions.’

‘I had quite a traumatic birth experience which included lots of intervention and a c – section under general anaesthetic, but with the help of your wisdom and classes I remained very calm throughout the whole time which helped myself and my partner get through it.’

‘I am convinced that the yoga I practised with you in the weeks leading up to the birth made the labour and birth much calmer, easier and lighter and allowed me to dilate smoothly.
I followed your advice and just kept moving and going with my instincts, doing that figure of eight movement of the hips with variations for a good hour! By the time I got to hospital I was already six centimetres dilated. The whole experience was positive. My previous birth experience was very long and painful!

THANK YOU for your advice and instruction and for being just so lovely and calm and encouraging and a brilliant teacher.’

Family yoga
‘Myself and my two daughters who are 5 years and 5 months have been privileged to be taught yoga by Leonie for the past five years. Both of my daughters and myself love being taught by Leonie as she is very passionate, knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic.

Leonie has a wonderful way with kids and makes the classes fun. A lot of yoga postures and meditation techniques that Leonie has taught us have had a very positive impact on our family.’

‘Thank you for a wonderful yoga lesson today, the first one since I was too hefty at 5 months twin-pregnant to lie on my back without feeling like I was going to pass out. It was wonderful. A really good stretch, some deep breathing (ah, yes…, oxygen, I remember that), and hands on treatment from my 14 month old twins who took great pleasure in crawling all over me and kissing me all over my face while I was stretching, and who made it the best yoga lesson ever. :-)’

‘Thank you for your lovely post-natal classes, you’re a fantastic teacher and your classes were such an oasis of calm and nurturing at a time when I was feeling so hormonal tired and vulnerable.’

Susan Moore
‘Such a lovely Saturday in the middle of the Sussex downs doing partner yoga and thai yoga massage. We all had a spectacular Lassi at break and then a wonderful indian buffet and chai tea. The room was amazing with oak beams – very atmospheric and a view over the rather autumn misty downs was very special. The courage the day gave me…’

One-to-one sessions
Alex Hughes
‘I do not even know how to find the adequate words to describe one-to-one yoga with Leonie…

Basically it goes like this…she listens and reads where you are at (perfectly) and then she somehow takes you on a rejuvenating and therapeutic yogic journey to a place of calm, warmth and inner peace where all is connected and where you find what you need in that moment to be perfectly content. She takes you to a harmonious coming together of body, mind, spirit where acceptance, truth and love reside. Even just half an hour with Leo makes everything ok, and a full hour is heaven!’

Some side-effects include: clearer mind, joyful perspective, open heart, patience, and a lovely stronger core.

It must be her empathy, intuition, sensitivity, anatomical knowledge and spiritual wisdom that make this possible. Her voice and touch are powerful, too!’

Insurance & accreditation
I am fully insured to teach by Yoga-Link
I have a full 500+ hours Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Accreditation