Yoga for strength

Classes are now in-person and streamed live on Zoom. Click links below to book/sign in.

In this class, we will focus on specific themes and areas that can help develop awareness, strength, flexibility and support healthy movement around particular themes – hip flexors, shoulder mobility, core strength, body balance and alignment, etc.

Vajrasati yoga encourages students to creatively explore and unlock held tension and patterns in the body through yoga asana, ‘poses’, which may be dynamic or slow and held, depending on the needs of the individual, as well as breath work and meditation techniques that can evolve greater focus, clarity and embodiment.

Classes are accessible and adaptive; students are encouraged to progress safely at their own pace, building up intuition and trust as much as strength, tone and flexibility.
Vajrasati yoga is for every body – whatever your level of experience or flexibility.

Let me know if you have particular injuries so I can adapt the practise for you too.
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Pay for class £10 or £80 for 10 class pass
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