One-to-one yoga

All sessions are currently offered on Zoom.

One-to-one sessions can be individually tailored to exactly meet your evolving needs. This can be particulary useful if you have specific physical or emotional issues, time constraints which don’t allow you to make it to class or if you simply want to deepen your practice with personal guidance.

I also teach private preparation for birth sessions for pregnant women and their birth partners and private post-natal sessions.

A recent client explains how useful the sessions were for herself and her partner:
‘The time Leo spent with myself and my partner in a private birth preparation session was invaluable. It was useful to think about positions and breathing during labour. But what we found most helpful was something hard to put your finger on, but we somehow changed from being anxious about the birth to feeling empowered and even looking forward to it. This was in part through a helpful focus on our connectedness in the process, turning it into a journey we were on together. This helped me to know how to draw on his strength and helped him feel more involved and useful. We seemed to overcome the worries leftover from our last birth by talking them though and processing them and thinking about practical solutions, and we managed to put them behind us. The whole experience was enjoyable and empowering and I would do It again without a second thought if I had another pregnancy even if I thought I was already prepared!’ Claire, Hanover.

Whatever stage of life you are at, one-to-one yoga sessions can be hugely therapeutic and transformative, both physically and emotionally.

‘Leonie listens and reads where you are at (perfectly) and then she somehow takes you on a rejuvenating and therapeutic yogic journey to a place of calm, warmth and inner peace where all is connected and where you find what you need in that moment to be perfectly content. She takes you to a harmonious coming together of body, mind, spirit where acceptance, truth and love reside.’ Alexandra, Hanover.

Cost: £45/hour.

Email or call Leonie on 0780 907 5602 to discuss your requirements and to book.