Mama & baby yoga

Thursdays, 11-12pm, Brighton Natural Health Centre.

Post-natal Mama & baby yoga is a great way to support yourself physically and emotionally during the transition into motherhood.

  • Reconnect: ground yourself in your new role as Mama.
  • Rebuild: muscle tone and flexibility to help handle the physical demands of caring for your baby.
  • Ease: strengthen, stretch and tone to help restore your post-partum body and to ease aches and pains from carrying and feeding
  • Increase energy levels: postural awareness and breath work can help create more vitality.
  • Release stress: Routine exercise may help prevent and can positively help with postpartum depression (Norman et al. 2010)
  • Community: meet other like-minded mamas
  • And breathe: yoga classes are a great way to centre and focus, find space and to experience just being amidst all that constant doing.
  • Baby benefits: calm, connected Mama, in tune with her intuition, is better able to listen and respond to baby’s needs, as well as modelling ways of coping with and reducing stress.
  • Shift self-perception: yoga helps you recognise that nothing is static, so emotional and physical sensations are constantly moving. This can help us to deal with the challenges of motherhood.
  • Enjoy! yoga classes are light, fun and relaxing, setting you up for the day ahead.

Whatever birth you experienced, post-natal yoga is ideal, and is best started after you have had your 4-6 week check.

I have been teaching mothers and babies for nearly a decade now and am passionate about using yoga to help improve people’s experience of parenting.

Cost: £66.50 for 7 class block, starting when baby is 6 weeks until toddling. Book classes.

I also run UMEmamas, a peer-to-peer support group for Mamas, which has a supporting and nurturing Facebook forum too. Join the UMEmamas community.