The benefits of doing ‘nothing’

It’s really common that I hear from mums that ‘my baby gets so bored’. Baby’s and toddlers don’t get bored, mums do. Little ones are just happy with the simple stuff, they don’t have the same classificatin of ‘this is a boring thing’ (ie chores around the house) ‘this is an exciting thing’ (the latest patented children’s development class) – everything has the potential to be interesting if you engage their interest, and your own. So, for instance, sorting washing into colours, piles of textures, making tents under the sheets; playing with different (safe) kitchen implements; sitting beside you, basically, whatever your activity, being engaged and talking, even if your baby is prelingual. Basically if you seem interested, likely your child will be, because they are most interested in… YOU!

It is often our overcompensating for our busy-ness and getting sucked into unnecessary consumerism that makes us believe our children need more things, more stimulation, more scheduled activities.
It is actually a growing problem in both adults and children that we are overstimulated and this leads to increased anxiety, disconnection and reduced imaginative and creative ability. See

Also, it is a result of our ‘productive’ society that as mums, we have to quantify our time, or feel we do, as if we’re at work. Having children is an opportunity to redefine our habits of just doing and allow ourselves to just be, breathe, slow down and accept that ‘just this’ is more than enough.

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