Looking after Mama

How many times a day do you consider your baby or child’s well-being? What will make them happy, sleep cosily and soundly, amuse them, support them and nurture their physical and emotional growth?

Now, how many times a day to consider your own needs? Of course that’s entirely natural that baby gets so much of your time, love and attention, but baby will benefit hugely if you are also contented and nurtured.

One of the simplest ways you can show yourself a little love is to notice, whenever you have even a little space in your day, your posture and your breath. Sitting, standing or lying down, scan your body and notice whether you are straight, comfortable, holding tension anywhere. Building up awareness of your own body – and the negative habits we sometimes hold in it – can be hugely beneficial, especially at a time when your body has gone through childbirth and all the strains of rearing children. When you make space in your body – for instance, rolling your shoulders back and lifting your chest; noticing the tilt of your pelvis and the effects on your lower spine – you can literally breathe more easily because there is more physical space to do so.

Breathing more easily, more deeply, will bring more energy into the body; relieve you of old, stagnant air held in the bottom of the lungs. With the release of that old air, we can also release old tensions, old habits, old patterns that no longer serve us.

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