Leonie as a teacher

‘As a teacher Leonie expresses one of her defining personality traits, that of generosity. It seems to be a natural instinct for her to support. She does not only in the way she teaches yoga but in the kind of classes she sets up which commonly express her deep passions for social cohesion and supporting the underdog so that nobody goes unnoticed.
I am very glad to say that when I go away to teach retreats abroad Leonie is one of my main covers especially for some of my busiest classes. I always feel very happy leaving classes in Leo’s hands because I know she will look after them with the upmost care and skill and at the same time I feel she is supporting me while I am away as she will often promote upcoming events that I run in my absence.
Leo has been excellent in her regular attendance at both classes and events with me that keep up her CPD which is an indication of her commitment to her own practice and studies and to her sense of support for things that she believes in.
If you are fortunate enough to have Leo teach you personally or run yoga classes at a venue that you manage you can be sure that she will look after everyone with equal care, love, professionalism and enthusiasm all of which are augmented by her great sense of humor. Furthermore she will promote the classes with the skills that she has developed from her sister career as a journalist and help weave together a community of practitioners.
Leonie has a strong interest in yoga for pregnancy and post partum as well as for women generally, children and family groups. She is highly skilled and passionate and Leo comes therefore with my highest recommendation as a yoga teacher of integrity, warmth and a deep understanding of her subject.’
Jim Tarran, founder of Vajrasati yoga

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